No need to jump, ACEME will manage your condo association

“Hey. What happened? I bought a condo because I thought I’d have less responsibility, not more! But I just got an assessment that is going to cost a fortune and our last board meeting was like a scene out of a bad movie. We couldn’t agree on anything.”

Not all condos or co-ownerships are created the same. Some old, some new, every property has its own personality. You need a manager that is experienced and adaptable, able to cope with the many challenges that come with co-ownerships.

Here’s how we can help you:
  • Financial Management

    We do all the budgeting, forecasting, account management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking, bookkeeping and we provide up to date reporting. No sweat, leave the paperwork to us.
  • Operations Management

    Someone has to keep the building from falling down! We work closely with the board of directors, managing all the stakeholders that repair and maintain the property.
  • Consulting

    We’ll meet with the board of directors to ensure plans are respected. We’ll keep minutes and records, plan the annual general meetings, organize elections, access legal counsel, handle any liens, and we’ll work with the city on your behalf.
  • Enforcement

    Without rules, there’s chaos. Every now and then some co-owners may need a friendly reminder to follow the rules. We know how to balance the complicated and lengthy bylaw documents with what is practical for each property.
  • Communication

    Owners like to know what’s going on. We have an effective system in place to keep everyone informed!